Skateboard Cafe - Hyped for their video dropping in 2014.

Posted on December 26, 2013 1 Comment

Skateboard Cafe - Hyped for their video dropping in 2014.

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class="author">Posted by Santiago on December 17, 2015

Well, to start off, your SB-900 is a strobe. Any flash can also be claeld a strobe, but the term strobe is usually used for small flashes (aka speedlights), like your SB-900. Ok, terminology out of the way, strobes will probably work fine for most of your needs. The problem you going to run into is if you’re using the strobes in the daytime in full sunlight. Then they might not have enough power. You can put two or three of them right next to each other, and this will help them power up and fight the sun. You can also set them up to work in High Speed Sync mode and be able to use shutter speeds higher than 1/250, but this robs them of more power. In fact, if you’re triggering them with your camera’s iTTL capabilities, that will also rob them of even more power.What I would do, if going on a skate-road trip, is take the three SB-900 (or SB-800 s or older models) and trigger them with Cybersyncs or Pocket Wizards. This way, you’re getting as much power out of them as possible and they will be filing more reliably. That’s a bit harder to do, but if you read the information above, and practice a few times before you leave, you shouldn’t have an problems!Good Luck!-Neil

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