The Supreme video is coming soon. Head over to Quartersnacks to...

Posted on March 02, 2014 1 Comment

The Supreme video is coming soon. Head over to Quartersnacks to see what filmer Bill Strobeck has to say about it.

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class="author">Posted by Dion on December 17, 2015

She doesn’t imply all other shoes are cruelty-free. She doesn’t imply anhtniyg, she’s just doing her thing. Keep doesn’t use leather or animal products and US customs charges way higher tariffs for shoes not using animal products. Small companies charge more because it costs them more to make the goods. If you want cheap shoes, then buy from a large corporation with little to no morals. Haters, why do you care so much? The shoes are rad and if it’s not for you, why are you dissing? People who work hard and put themselves out there should be applauded for their efforts, even if it’s not your thing.Get a grip and do something better.

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