Jonny McConkey - Wallride Ryan Leathem #northskatemag...

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Jonny McConkey - Wallride
Ryan Leathem

#northskatemag #skateboarding #stillshootingonfilm

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  • no way! those are NOT the most dangerous spotrs! 1st of all cheerleading and gymnastics are the most dangerous spotrs! In those you have just listed i have played most of them and they aren’t very dangerous! The 2nd most dangerous sport is figure skating! In cheerleading and gymnastics you can break anything so very easily and in figure skating the same! We have no protection but in basketball you have guards, football you have gear, in baseball protection for head and hands same with softball, volleyball you have guards. This is ridiculous! In all these spotrs like football, hockey, basketball, soccer, and etc. People get hurt because they get aggressive when they don’t have to be and hurt others. And that is the ONLY reason they get hurt. In all those spotrs you just have to dodge another person and that is it! But instead people decide oh lets punch them! This is so ridiculous! All these spotrs like cheer. gym. and figure skating we have the hardest moves and the most dangerous techniques and we never get any recognition! We are sick and tired of it!

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