Gilbert Crockett - Old Dominion

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Gilbert Crockett - Old Dominion

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  • Since taking cutdosy of HBear, my 17 year old cousin, two months ago we’ve been faced with so many ‘parenting’ challenges. The hardest is the realization that we have absolutely no control over her. All we can do is try to offer guidance so that she makes the right choices. And try to manipulate her into thinking that we might have some implied control over her decisions… Life has failed her in so many ways, and yet she is basically an adult who won’t ever have the chance to be parented. Its given us a lot to think about as we prepare to bring our own child into this world. With a baby things will start out so differently, but ultimately we only have control as parents for a very short period of time, and then it begins to disappear. It is a lot to think about, and this kid in your neighborhood is a fascinating example of a normal kid trying to exert control over his parents. I can only imagine how mortified his parents must feel, but can also understand how powerless the kid must have felt in order to make up a story like that. It certainly is complicated. I wish us all lots and lots of luck!

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