Peep the trailer for Josh Stewarts Static IV

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Peep the trailer for Josh Stewarts Static IV

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  • What a heartfelt post. When I read soteirs about abused (or worse) children, my heart just sinks. “Those people get to parent?” I think. And then something like this, where the parents could be doing a fine job, and their child decides to make up a story. Because, in a kid’s mind – what’s the harm? They have no concept of man hours, overtime pay, and stressing out the neighborhood. To them, it’s probably just like a movie.It’s things like these that both draw me in and repulse me at the same time, kind of like the upcoming movie, . The premise: a teen shoots up his high school and how his parents deal with it in the aftermath – is intriguing and at the same time horrifying.It’s like your worse parenting nightmare. There’s no way to predict this. There’s no “let’s be proactive” because even the best parents could be raising a kid with some serious issues that never surface until it’s too late.The most we can do, no matter how large or small the situation, is to be strong. To support our kids as much as we can, depending on the gravity of the situation.Of course, I don’t have kids, but this is how I imagine I’d approach this.

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