One TakeKyron Davis - Frontside Flip If I don’t have to rush to...

November 07, 2016

One Take

Kyron Davis - Frontside Flip 

If I don’t have to rush to set up my flashes then I’m hyped. I imagined shooting during the week on a busy London street would be a headache, but it turned out be be pretty easy. There were a few workmen eating lunch on the bench so I had time to set up, which was nice. As soon as they had gone I was ready to roll. After wiping some puddle water off the bench from the leaky bridge, Kyron was straight on it with an ollie. Being a photographer you heard a lot of claims, so when he claimed this first go it wasn’t anything I hadn’t heard before!

Boom! Landed first go, no problem at all. I think this may be the only time where I’ve only shot one frame of a trick. No attempts, no bails, no ‘one more go’. Just handled straight up like a champ.

I was nervous about getting this one developed, I usually like to have a couple to chose from so the pressure was on. I think it came out ok!