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Miles KondrackiPhotography: Graham TaitI’ve know Miles for a long...

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Miles Kondracki

Photography: Graham Tait

I’ve know Miles for a long time. Pretty much the whole time he’s been skating. I’ve watched him go from being a shop grom, to an annoying teenager, and to (almost) an adult.

He’s always down for skating and I’m hyped to have him in the next issue of North.

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Miles Kondracki - Feeble

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Miles Kondracki - Feeble

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Miles Princes St

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Miles has been working around the clock getting stuff filmed for his section.. which is gonna be a banger!. Here's some offcuts we filmed on princess st the other week.

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Miles Kondracki 10 Tricks At Saughton

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Miles was slacking for a bit, he went from my favourite skater to not even in the top 10. He's definitely back on top now.

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