The Highbrow Company x Focus

July 30, 2012

If, like us, you enjoy a crudely-rendered image of a Scotsman with his bahookie hingin' oot, a can of strong lager in one fist and a gust of wind recreating that moment in Some Like It Hot where Marilyn Monroe's skirt blows up revealing her mimsy, topped with a geometrically incorrect skateboard, then this is for you. Not since Damien Hirst superglued fisheyes onto one of Andy Warhol's cans of soup has there been such a coupling of art world giants, with three t-shirts sure to single you out as a man/woman of taste and distinction. Click on an image below to be magically transported to a page where you can purchase one. Alternatively, check out The Highbrow Company itself for more goodies/baddies.