About Us

Focus Edinburgh began its life in April 2001, with the aim of helping and promoting Scottish skateboarding whilst selling the clothes and footwear we like.

The shop has evolved over the years, hooking up exclusive brands, limited edition releases and core favourites. 

Like all good stores we draw from the community around us with creative input from friends in many forms, not to mention the shop team which consists of a serious percentage of the best riders in Scotland. 

We have been selling our products online for 18 years and have delivered to over 40,000 customers. We pride ourselves on a personal and efficient service and are always keen to go the extra yard to make your shopping experience as enjoyable as possible.

Focus 2022. 

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Focus Edinburgh

270 Canongate, 
The Royal Mile,
Edinburgh, EH8 8AA

Email - info@focuspocus.co.uk

Phone - 0131 557 0901