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Zero pro, Aberdonian-cum-Californian and long time Focus pal John Rattray is the man/mind behind the gull-influenced blog The Predatory Bird, a wry and intelligent eye on the skateboard world and how that world intersects with the winged pest that blights coastal towns of northern Scotland and elsewhere. Recently, The Predatory Bird became a commercial concern, with the staple line-up of t-shirt, deck and wheel that accompanies most fledgling skateboard companies made somewhat more interesting with the knowledge that a certain amount of craft and love had gone into their production. No fly-by-night (rather, fly-by-your-car-and-keech-on-it) operation; these are truly beautiful things that would work well on a wall, or being skated like the man himself. Perhaps without a Wu Tang shirt billowing out behind you as you noseblunt Clipper*.

Included in this offering is a hand-made, limited edition (50 made, perhaps for the only time in skateboard deck manufacture history) proper cruisery-shaped 7 ply maple skateboard deck, 8.12" at its widest point, with hand-cut, hand-inlayed and gull-being-strangled-by-a-hand woodwork by The Wood Crafter of Vancouver, Canada fame. Have a wee look at the whole process at The Predatory Bird website.

There's also some soft cruiser wheels and a slim-fit t-shirt to spend your moneys on.

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