Focus Scotland x Fos The Mad Monk Of Cowgate

Focus Scotland x Fos The Mad Monk Of Cowgate

The Mad Monk of the Cowgate is a figure from the early 1500s who reputedly haunts the Cowgate area of Edinburgh where several Monastery’s in the past were located. In recent decades he has been sighted many times by visitors and locals alike on the capital’s Witchery Walking Tours.

Now the Mad Monk of the Cowgate has turned his attentions to a new hobby - skateboarding.

This may seem like an historical anomaly considering the Mad Monk is a hooded ghoul from pastures very old, and you would be right to question his motives. However, there is method in his madness as the Mad Monk is fed up of being typecast as the slow-moving hooded rambling Edinburgh phantom moaning a lot.

In recent times, The Mad Monk has questioned (in a tone four decibels above the frequency range of a cocker spaniel) why he can't be involved in modern activities and hobbies. Well, it looks like the Mad Monk is in luck thanks to our most recent collaboration with Heroin Skateboards main man Fos

After attending one of the Witchery Tours a few years back Fos was inspired to create a Mad Monk of the Cowgate graphic.

The Mad Monk of the Cowgate is of course delighted with his newly found pasttime and as you can see in the video below he’s a quick learner! 

Video filmed and edited by Paul McConnach, The Mad Monk Of Cowgate played by Kieran Menzies. 

The full collection will be available from 10am Saturday the 30th of October on our website here and from our Edinburgh store at 270 Canongate. 

You can also purchase the Mad Monk of the Cowgate deck and clothing from the Cadies & Witchery Tours shop at 84 West Bow (Victoria Street), Edinburgh.

Decks - £49.95

Hooded Sweatshirts with Glow In The Dark Prints - £49.95

Crewneck Sweatshirt - £44.95

Long Sleeve T-shirt - £31.95

Short Sleeve T-shirts - £28.95

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