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There Skateboards / Unity Skateboards

There Skateboards / Unity Skateboards

Unity Skateboards / There Skateboards have arrived in the shop for the first time! Unity is a queer skate collective formed by Jeffrey Cheung in California in 2017, with There Skateboards being started shortly thereafter as a way to create a more solidified team and board company in the traditional sense. Both Unity and There give a platform to queer skateboarders that they may have struggled to find otherwise and have become lynchpins of their local skateboarding community - with Deluxe Distribution (home of Spitfire, Anti Hero, Real, Krooked, Thunder and Venture) welcoming There and Unity to the family earlier this year, you know they're doing it right!

Scroll down to check out the current run of decks from There/Unity, or check em out on our website - There Skateboards; Unity Skateboards.

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