Clown Skateboards U.K Made T-shirt - White

Sale price45.95 GBP
Size: Medium

100% organic, sustainable cotton short sleeve t-shirt with printed and embroidered logo on chest from Clown Skateboards.

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Each capsule collection is designed, material produced and cut & sewn in the UK. Clown believe it’s our responsibility to make clothing better, make it more sustainable, and support local businesses. It’s up to us to give you an informed reason and encouragement to invest your hard-earned money in quality clothing. 

‘So simply put, if we as clown skateboards produce better, it lasts longer, and your consumption goes down as well as the amount you spend.’ 


From the actual yarn to the end garment, our manufacturing takes place over just 5 streets in one city, giving us the certainty that the carbon footprint generated through transportation is minimal. We choose to work with people specialising in manufacturing that limits water consumption and with renewable energy suppliers. All the cotton we weave or knit is organic and vegan. From the factory to our home, we get everything picked up using an electric van and shipping to the stores is done using a carbon-neutral shipping company. 

With every production comes waste material – an unavoidable fact, but we want to share that waste material with young designers, upcyclers and producers who want heavyweight organic and vegan materials to create with.