Read And Destroy - Skateboarding Through A British Lens 1998 to 1995

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This summer, the highly anticipated READ AND DESTROY magazine retrospective will be released, providing over 270 pages of original photography from the magazine's extensive archive. 

Edited and written by Dan Adams and published by ACC Artbooks, this book offers an unparalleled and comprehensive account of skateboarding's crucial formational era in Britain; a time, place, and attitude like no other.

It effectively captures the rise and transformation of skateboarding into a staple of extreme sports and urban culture worldwide.

Through its passionate and devoted documentation, READ AND DESTROY offers an insider's perspective on skateboarding and youth culture in the 1970s, '80s, and '90s. Featuring a diverse range of British and global skateboarding stars from the '70s to the '90s, such as Barry and Mark Abrook / Salman Agah / Dave Allen / Mark Baker / Ray Barbee / Bod Boyle / Don Brown / Steve Caballero John Cardiel / Neil Danns / Adrian Demain / Steve Douglas / Eric Dressen / Pete Dossett / Simon Evans / Jules Gayton / Rune Glifberg / Sean Goff / Mark Gonzales / Claus Grabke / Jeff Grosso / Tommy Guerrero / Nickey Guerrero / Rodga Harvey / Tony Hawk / Jeremy Henderson / Pete Hellicar / Lucien Hendricks / Matt Hensley / Russ Howell / Craig Johnson / Jingles / Shogo Kubo / Gary Lee / Mac / Mike Manzoori / Mike McGill / Curtis McCann / Alex Moul Lance Mountain / Natas / Tom Penny / Alan Petersen / Lee Ralph / Steve Rocco / Rocker / Geoff Rowley / John Sablosky / Sean Sheffey / Ben Schroeder / Carl Shipman / Ed Templeton / Mike Vallely / Danny Wainwright / Ged Wells / Danny Webster and many, many more…