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Scumco & Sons Striking Distance 2 DVD

Scumco & Sons

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Striking Distance 2 DVD from Pittsburgh's Scumco & Sons.

Spanning 30 minutes and filmed and edited by Tristan Mershon, Striking Distance 2 features the skateboarding of the late Dave Abair, Brian Downey, Ty Beall,  Nick Teodori, Kyle Nicholson, Elias Myers, Kevin Taylor, Jay Pitser, Josh Narvaez, Jake Baldini, Justin Grzechowiak and more!

Produced by Nick Teodori who also selected the soundtrack, which is superb incidentally. 

Each DVD comes in a 100 page full colour book with various images documenting Scumco's history and also features a QR code to more video content. 

The book comes in various colours and the cover is hand printed.