Thrasher Magazine March 2021

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March 2021 issue of the famous Thrasher Magazine.

Thirty years after Video Days, Guy Mariano is still grinding it out in style, and this front feeble is the timeless stoke we need for the cover of the March 2021 issue. (Study that back foot if you need pointers.)

Crack it open and get ready to pick your jaw up off the floor as Milton’s raging rooftop ollie graces the Contents page. SOTY 2019 don’t play!

Start flippin’ and keep trippin’—on the interview tip, Gilbert Crockett grills Justin Henry about life outside of SoCal, Sebo Walker discusses art, broken wings and his recent relocation back to Oregon and Cairo Foster chats with Silas Baxter-Neal about calling his own shots in the PNW.

Baker Boys Zach Allen and T-Funk get the Thrasher pop-quiz treatment and on the travel front Volcom celebrates 30 years of The Stone with a camping trip through the Southwest with Milton, Provost, Bannerot and more.

Is that it? Hell no, we’re just getting started! The T-Eddy Awards clue you in to the biggest winners (and losers) of 2020, Bank Robbers shines the light on slanted and enchanted moves from yesteryear up to today, the Clipper ledge in SF gets sliced the F up, the Knob Buster gives you the lowdown on how to liberate spots, Koston drops knowledge on Five Great tricks to do in your 40s, our illustrious Editor in Chief Michael Burnett serves up a People I’ve Known—and it’s one for the ages—and Sieben reviews some of the best (but mainly worst) skate movies on the streaming platforms. Damn!

And since your Spotify playlists are gettin’ stale, We got Goodie Mob, Paris, Green Druid and more music interviews to keep your mix game strong and session hype at an all-time high. As always, everything in the mag is better than what you’ll see on your stupid phone, so grab this issue or be doomed to live life as a dummy.